Fequently Asked Questions

What is BAIL?

The Texas Code of Criminal Procedure- Article 17.01:
DEFINITION OF "BAIL". "Bail" is the security given by the accused that he will appear and answer before the proper court the accusation brought against him, and includes a bail bond or a personal bond.

What is BAIL BOND?

The Texas Code of Criminal Procedure- Article 17.02:
DEFINITION OF "BAIL BOND". A "bail bond" is a written undertaking entered into by the defendant and his sureties for the appearance of the principal therein before some court or magistrate to answer a criminal accusation; provided, however, that the defendant upon execution of such bail bond may deposit with the custodian of funds of the court in which the prosecution is pending current money of the United States in the amount of the bond in lieu of having sureties signing the same. Any cash funds deposited under this Article shall be receipted for by the officer receiving the same and shall be refunded to the defendant if and when the defendant complies with the conditions of his bond, and upon order of the court.

When a Bail Bond is given?

The Texas Code of Criminal Procedure- Article 17.05:
WHEN A BAIL BOND IS GIVEN. A bail bond is entered into either before a magistrate, upon an examination of a criminal accusation, or before a judge upon an applicationunder habeas corpus; or it is taken from the defendant by a peace officer if authorized by Article 17.20, 17.21, or 17.22.